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Healthy Dog Importation Act

By February 21, 2023Legislation

The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) welcomed today’s re-introduction of the bipartisan Healthy Dog Importation Act by Senators Grassley (R-IA) and Smith (D-MN), along with Senators Warnock (D-GA), Marshall (R-KS), Gillibrand (D-NY), and Risch (R-ID).
NAIA will be sharing additional information, including how to register your support for the bill, in the coming days. Here are links to Senator Grassley’s news release announcing the bill and a letter of support by nearly 50 veterinary, pet, livestock, and allied organizations supporting the bill.

NAIA President Patti Strand’s statement on the bill follows:
“NAIA commends Senators Grassley and Smith for taking action to reduce the spread of zoonotic disease and pathogens,” said Patti Strand, President of the National Animal Interest Alliance. “Last month, the CDC extended a ban on dogs imported from high-risk rabies-enzootic countries. The temporary suspension was put in place in June 2021 due to a rising number of incidents of rabid dogs entering the country, many with falsified rabies vaccination certificates. NAIA strongly supports CDC’s efforts to protect the public from rabies reintroduction; however, we are still concerned about the remaining 90% of dog imports that remain unchecked. For years, public health agencies have documented cases where imported dogs have brought other threats to animal and public health, including new strains of canine influenza, leptospirosis, canine brucellosis, and screwworm. The bipartisan Healthy Dog Importation Act would establish commonsense health and vaccination requirements for all dogs imported into the U.S. and help eliminate the need for a blanket suspension.”

Please stay tuned for additional information on the introduction of the House version of the bill and ways to support the bill.

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