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2017 ADBA Convention Award Winners

By February 20, 2017June 20th, 2017About ADBA Events

The ADBA would like to acknowledge and congratulate the 2017 ADBA Convention Award Winners

Dogman of the Year 2017:  Andy Seguss and Ron Wolfe (two recipients)

Dogman Hall of Fame 2017: Joe Chan

Lifetime Achievement: Lee Craig

Joe Burford was given an award for his 40 years of service.

Starfish Award recipients

  • Amanda Clanin
  • Tom Lundberg
  • Gary Hammonds
  • Elizabeth Williamson
  • Mike Perkins
  • Chris Schiszler
  • Elaine Dodge
  • Terri Gross
  • Noel Carrion
  • Jesse Wilson
  • Murph McAdams

ADBA Show Awards

  • 2016 Show Coordinator, Joshua Brown
  • 2016 Show Secretary, Jona Durousseau
  • 2016 Most Requested Judge, Gary Hammonds
  • 2016 Kennel of the Year, Tejas Kennels
  • 2016 Most Traveled Exhibitor (US), Cindy Kernovich
  • 2016 Most Traveled Exhibitor (Europe), Elisa Sabbatini

Top Ranked Dogs for 2016:

  • Conformation, Rampage’s “Ch” Throe”
  • Champions, Gross’ “G/C X” Jack B Quick”
  • Weight Pull, Perkins’ “Ace” Nightmare”
  • Ace, Tejas’ “A/A I” Red Incinerator Jr.”.

Grand Champion and Ace of Ace title awards:

  • Beauvais’ “A/A II” Punisher”, Phil Beauvais
  • Jensen’s “A/A IV” King Romeo”, Darren & Tammy Jensen
  • Chevalier’s “A/A II” Paragon of RDC”, Chevalier Knls
  • LaFerriere’s “A/A II” Winds of Change”, Genevieve LaFerriere
  • Tejas’ “A/A III” Red Incinerator” P.O.E., Richard Hughes
  • Tejas’ “A/A” Battleship Oklahoma”, Predator Spice Knls & Tejas Knls
  • Rude Dawg’s “A/A” Cooper”, One of a Kind Knls
  • Tejas’ “A/A I” Red Incinerator Jr.”, Tejas Knls
  • M.L. Smith’s “G/C” Grunt Runt”, Mickey Smith
  • Gross’ “G/C X” Jack B Quick”, Mike & Terri Gross
  • Countryman’s “G/C” Mako”, Kasey Conners
  • Watts & Gray’s “G/C I” Gweedo”, Mona Watts
  • Gross’ “G/C” Made In The Shade”, Terri Gross
  • B & B’s “G/C III” Cosmopolitan”, Raw Power Knls
  • Tee & Cee’s “G/C” Coconut”, Tee & Cee Knls
  • Stealhead & CD’s “G/C VI” Scylla”, CD Pits Knls
  •  CD’s “G/C III” Karmageddon”, CD Pits Knls

For those in attendance, awards were presented at the ADBA Convention that was held in Las Vegas, NV on Feb. 11, 2017. For those not in attendance, the awards will be sent upon request or held over to be presented in person at the 2017 ADBA Nationals, hosted by the Bulldogs of the Rockies club on September 29, 30 & October 1, 2017 in Golden, CO.