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A Note of Encouragement

By March 27, 2020Legislation

March 27, 2020

Dear Members,

It’s difficult to believe that it was only two weeks ago I spoke at the Missouri Pet Breeders’ Seminar in Lebanon, Missouri. Despite the Covid-19 alerts just beginning to pop up in the news, I went to the seminar anyway, as did hundreds of other attendees without incident. It was great to see all the support for the event, for the vendors, and for the speakers.

Just after that weekend, the domino of news reports began announcing the closing of public places and meetings across the country due to Covid-19, including state capitol buildings which meant good news that the scheduled committee hearings for horrible HSUS-driven legislation that we had been monitoring in several states were now cancelled!

The bad news was that because all the state capitols were closed, the Working Animal Protection Act was likely dead, too. I never dreamt that a virus would kill our bill.

Please know that we will never give up, and that action plans are already under way to reintroduce the Working Animal Protection Act next year in several states.

Despite the “sheltering in place” mandate and the never-ending swirl of chaos and fear in the news, nothing has changed for our team at The Cavalry Group. We continue to work diligently each day on your behalf, and we are not going anywhere. (Pun intended.)

It was shortly after our Liberty Summit several years ago that I came across a book by Nicholas Murray Butler titled, Is America Worth Saving? Keeping mindful of the fact that Mr. Butler wrote this book in the 1920s, I found it very interesting comparing it to the times we face today. He states, “The Founding Fathers would have been amazed at the notion that within a century and a half there would arise in America those who would find it easy and convenient either to deny or attempt to explain away the underlying moral and political principles upon which America is based. To the [Founding] Fathers, as to those who understood these principles themselves do not and cannot alter unless civilization is to revert to the chaos out of which it came.”

It is so clear to me that the courageous efforts which prompted the Founding of America was not only supported by a confidence in Divine Providence, but also optimism which brought with it the promise of Liberty. As Butler said in his book, “Optimism is the foundation of courage.”

You’ve heard me say many times: What I love about America is the optimism that binds us together and carries us to a new day — to continue to fight for our American way of life and the freedom and liberty that makes it possible. We must all remain courageous through this challenging time as we continue to work together to defend our animals, our property, our businesses, and our Liberty. We are in this together!

With warmest regards,

Mindy Patterson & The Cavalry Group Team