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ADBA APBT Stud Book Corrections

By May 16, 2016 August 6th, 2019 ADBA Resources

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APBT Registration

ADBA APBT Stud Book Corrections

March 23, 2015
(updated May 4, 2015)

Recently the American Dog Breeders Association Inc. (ADBA) has started the process to investigate and identify the issues in our American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) Stud Book. The ADBA’s focus has always been the preservation of the APBT to the ADBA APBT Heritage® Conformation Standard and the following initial steps will be taken:

  • The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. American Pit Bull Terrier Heritage® Conformation Standard will have an ideal range of breed weight added to the standard.
  • The American Staffordshire Terrier will now be recognized as a separate breed. Any dog registered in the American Kennel Club (AKC) as an American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) will be registered as such with the ADBA.
  • No new single registrations reflecting a current mating between an American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier will be accepted.
  • The ADBA has accepted many United Kennel Club (UKC) APBT registrations before their announcement in 2013 of problems within their APBT Stud Book, therefore recognizing the American Bully as a totally separate breed. We find the need to follow this same path to move these dogs out of the ADBA APBT Studbook. The foundation process has been established by UKC in their acceptance of the breed as of July 15, 2013. These dogs that fit the American Bully breed type will be required to have their ADBA registration changed to that breed. However, the ADBA will not register any dog that has any conditions or exaggerations that are detrimental to the health, soundness and the general welfare of the American Bully or any other breed.
  • Recognition of the new breed, the Working Pit Bulldog, is the final phase of the American Dog Breeders Association Inc. (ADBA)’s commitment to clean up the APBT stud book and to reclassify those dogs registered as an APBT that do not conform to the ADBA APBT heritage breed type. The new breed name was selected with input from the breeders and owners of these dogs. Working reflects the purpose of the dogs away from the traditional use of the terrier – to a working dog. The Pit  in the name identifies the foundation stock as being American Pit Bull Terrier and Bulldog traces back the influence of the historic working Bulldog in England that was used in the development of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.

The ADBA Board of Directors would like to thank the breeders for their input and taking the time to help with the foundation process in establishing this new breed. We appreciate your patience and your support as we now move into the work of reclassifying the dogs into the breed name that properly describes each dog registered with the ADBA.

The term “pit bull” has become a large melting pot. It is important to get the dogs under the correct breed names. Any dogs that have been bred with no thought to any breed type will not be registered.

Registration has always been about pedigrees. If the dogs in the pedigree are verified to be out of the breed listed, then the dog is that breed. However, the internet now provides an additional tool in allowing us to look at pictures of many of the dogs in the ancestry of the dogs that are applying for registration, which is an additional aid in the ADBA’s verification process. We want to aid owners in getting their dogs under the correct breed name.

The step that the ADBA is taking is to make your dogs registrations and breed identifications more accurate and distinct. This will benefit all breeders and owners of registered dogs.

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