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ADBA Limited Performance Program

By March 12, 2019May 7th, 2019Club Information


The ADBA Limited Performance Program is for altered, purebred, but unregistered dogs. For a chance to compete in ADBA Sanctioned performance events (Weight Pull and Top Dog) at ADBA Sanctioned club shows.

How to Apply for Limited Performance Program Status

  1. Complete an Limited Performance Program Application.
  2. Include two color photos of your dog. One photo showing the dog from the side, in standing position. One photo showing a full view of the dog from the front (standing) showing the entire head and feet of the dog. A photo will be used for the ID card, so send the highest quality photo possible.
  3. Spayed or neutered verification from a veterinarian or adoption facility.
  4. $30.00 application fee.

LPP listing is NOT to be viewed as an alternate form of registration. LPP listing is to certify purebred status as is reasonably possible using visual inspection for the purpose of entering ADBA sanctioned performance events at to achieve points toward titles of excellence. The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. reserves the right to void a dogs LPP status at any time for cause.


LPP Application PDF