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ADBA Pedigree Analysis

  • What bloodlines are reflected in my dog’s pedigree?
  • What breeding strategy was used to produce my dog?
  • What kind of pups will my dog produce if I choose to breed him?
  • Does my dog have any prominent dogs in his pedigree?

The pedigree analysis is comprised of two parts. The first is a narrative analysis of the dog’s seven generation pedigree. The narrative identifies the breeding style that the breeder used to produce the litter from which your dog originated. The purpose (limitations and strengths) of each of the breeding styles is also explained. A brief, look at the pedigree of the sire and dam, attempting to identify the breeding style used to produce these important ancestors is also done to give more depth of understanding of your dog’s pedigree. Information on the bloodline or bloodlines is contained within the narrative as well as information about the individual breeders and prominent dogs identified in your dogs seven generation pedigree. Many times, additional research is needed going back additional generations to find the commonality of what the breeder was breeding for, using the extensive data bank of the American Dog Breeders Association Inc.

The numerical statistics is the second part of the analysis. The numerical statistics provide a breakdown on the top percentage dogs in the first thru seventh generation of the dog’s pedigree. The top percentage dogs are listed in order. The second part is a statistical breakdown of the breeders influence in the first thru seventh generation of the dog’s pedigree. The first total is the cumulative total of a breeders influence in a pedigree, and can total over 100% as each generation is added cumulative. This number is significant as it will give you the total influence of a specific breeder (ranking from the most influence to the least influence.) The second column under the breeder representation is numerically the total times the breeder is listed, divided by the number of dogs in a seven generation pedigree. This will give you the percentage (based on 100%) of the breeders influence in the dog’s seven generation pedigree.

     The pedigree analysis requires a seven generation pedigree to insure the sufficient information for a subjective analysis from one of our ADBA experts. If you have already purchased a seven generation pedigree, you may purchase just the pedigree analysis.


Pitbull pedigree percentages

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