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ADBA Position Statement On Canine Uses

By May 16, 2016December 8th, 2016ADBA Position Statements

About The ADBA

ADBA Position Statement On Canine Uses

June 1, 2006

Position Statement for the American Dog Breeders Association Inc.  Founded in 1909, a registry for purebred dogs.

Historically, society has valued our canine companions above livestock, followed by wildlife, domestic and wild fowl and then vermin. The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. supports society’s traditional views. Throughout history, each breed of dog was developed by man for a particular function. All dog breeds have had a working relationship with mankind. Breed type was set in each breeds standard based on what job the dog was supposed to do. We advocate for and support this working relationship with our canine companions, be it in hunting (bird, coon, hog, fox and other small game), herding, service dogs (seeing eye dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue, drug detection and police work), protection and schutzhund work, draft or weight pulling, sled dog, coursing, obedience and agility. It is our belief that dogs live happier, more fulfilled lives when participating in roles for which they were bred and trained. We support traditional humane training methods and supervised trials, tests, hunting events etc. for sporting competition and determination of superior canine specimens for breeding stock. Competition is an essential component of assessing any selective breeding program.  The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. does not condone or encourage the use of dogs for any illegal activity including dog fighting or game or bird hunting not in accordance with wildlife management guidelines. Supervised trial, tests or performance events will be in accordance with humane and traditional standards. It is an expectation that all dogs be provided with veterinarian care to provide necessary vaccinations, appropriate shelter, food to meet their nutritional needs, a fresh water supply, parasite control, exercise, training and affection. We encourage responsible dog ownership that includes proper restraint and containment and adherence to licensing and zoning restrictions in the dog owner’s community.  The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. supports the traditional relationship of dog ownership, not guardianship. Dog ownership denotes responsibilities as well as the constitutional protection of dog ownership.