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ADBA Semen Services

By November 20, 2023November 21st, 2023ADBA Resources

Semen Services

With the advances in scientific knowledge and the technology to provide verification of parentage, registries are now being held to a higher standard.

In a natural breeding, the owner of the bitch and the stud are the only two individuals supervising the breeding. Today, with the use of frozen and fresh cooled semen, the number of individuals handling the breeding has multiplied. (One to collect, a technician or two to process the semen and freeze, one to retrieve and reactive, and one to inseminate.) The more individuals involved in this complex process, the more room for mistakes to be made.

A registration office would be negligent if additional verification was not required in the registration of litters and/or individuals using FROZEN SEMEN and FRESH COOLED SEMEN. A policy on the registration of litters produced using Frozen Semen has been in place for several years. This policy includes a DNA profile to be submitted to the registration office on the stud dog, recording of each collection and freezing of semen, and an attachment of ADBA form AIFS to the litter and/or single registration application with the verifying signature of the owner of the dam and the veterinarian doing the insemination. Litters and/or single dogs produced, using Fresh Cooled Semen will require an attachment of the form, FRCS with the verifying signature of the individual collecting and shipping the semen and the person inseminating the bitch.

Registration of litters produced from brood stock outside of the “normal” range of expected fertility is required to have a DNA profile on the dog and one offspring, which can be used to verify the breeding. This will apply to litters produced by any dogs less than nine months of age at the time of the birth of the litter and by brood stock 12 years of age or older at the time of the breeding.

Having an animal “REGISTERED” is a stamp of approval from the Registration Office that the breeder has fulfilled the requirements in record keeping, transferring ownership’s etc. and the pedigree can be deemed accurate. If a registry is strictly “in it for the money” and has little or NO requirements, and any dog rescued from the pound, stolen or it “looks like a pit bull” on visual inspection can be registered for a fee, then having a “REGISTERED” dog with that organization means nothing! We want your registration to mean something and you can be sure that when you register with the American Dog Breeders Assoc. Inc., your registration will!


Each collection and freezing of semen of an ADBA registered dog, must be recorded on form SCF by the collection center and submitted to the ADBA office within 10 days of semen collection. It will be assumed that the owner of the semen, is the recorded owner of the dog, unless a Transfer Ownership of Frozen Semen form has been submitted to the ADBA office, along with Semen Collection and Freezing form. A separate form must be submitted for each collection.


A DNA analysis must be completed on the stud dog, before a litter or individual dog can be registered that was produced using frozen semen. We ask that the Collection and Freezing facility collect the cheek swab for the DNA analysis at the time of the collection of the semen. The ADBA now offers DNA Analysis Services DNA Service Request Form  or  Order online

(If a DNA analysis has been completed by another registration office, the profile needs to be recorded in the files of the ADBA. A copy of the profile from the testing laboratory must be submitted with this request.)

Semen Collection & Freezing
Download: Semen Collection & Freezing Form

Artificial Insemination/ Frozen Semen Form
Download: Artificial Insemination & Frozen Semen Form

Transfer Ownership of Frozen Semen
Download: Transfer Ownership of Semen Form