August 20, 2020

On November 26, 2019, a letter was received by the American Dog Breeders Association Inc. (ADBA) from an attorney concerning a complaint and allegations of misconduct by a number of ADBA sanctioned judges. An additional letter from this attorney was received with a cease and desist order from him to each of the named judges. (See attached.) This individual’s attorney was notified that we do, however, expect a level of professional decorum and encourage all involved to maintain the confidentiality needed for a thoughtful and fair investigation with all parties. The ADBA, and the complainant’s attorney, agreed that this is a serious matter, and the allegations describe actions of a very personal and intimate nature and that any concerns be directed to the ADBA so they may be handled discreetly and appropriately between our office and the attorney(s). The ADBA also stated to the attorney that we considered this a private matter between the complainant and Mr. Greene, and it would be handled that way with this office.

Normally, complaints are handled internally to protect the complaint and any innocent parties. However, due to certain parties putting this complaint out in social media, naming the judges in the allegation – regardless of guilt or innocence, we felt the need to respond with the steps that the ADBA took in this matter. The name of the complainant has been redacted in all pages of these documents.

ADBA has a code of conduct for all judges that are sanctioned by and judge for sanctioned clubs. If, at any time, we are given verified, credible evidence that a judge is not upholding this conduct, action will be taken by the ADBA concerning these individuals.

Formal complaints must be sent to the ADBA office in writing. When a written complaint is received, the complaint is taken seriously. Each person named in the allegation is contacted and has an opportunity to answer the complaint. The ADBA does require that the person making the complaint have some credible evidence to back up their accusation(s), as the mere accusation itself does not warrant the ADBA taking punitive action. If this evidence is not provided and the party/parties making the complaint stop communicating with the ADBA when questioned, the complaint cannot go any further. As this complaint came through the attorney, all responses were directed to him.

After gathering internal information and consulting with the ADBA Board of Directors, on December 13, 2019, we responded to the attorney with our course of action concerning the allegations. We received an answer back from the complainant’s attorney dated December 20, 2019. The ADBA responded back to this letter on January 7, 2020, with the results of our internal investigation, along with the letter from Stoney Greene’s attorney that was sent to us. (All are attached / enclosed.)

The ADBA took the complaint seriously and responded in a timely manner. As no evidence was ever presented to support these allegations, at this time we have closed our investigation into this matter.

In regards to this situation, it is important to have our clubs be advised of the facts with transparency as they need to feel confident that the judges that are being used to judge their ADBA sanctioned events are following the ADBA’s code of conduct. If a valid complaint is made in writing alleging misconduct, the complaint will be looked into and if warranted the judge will no longer be used.

It is also important for our judges to feel that they will not be accused and judged without evidence. They must feel confident that when they judge a dog show they will be treated fairly by the fraternity and ADBA.


Hank Greenwood
President / Chairman of the Board
American Dog Breeders Association Inc.


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