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Anti Tethering Ordinance – Gaston County NC

By October 7, 2019Legislation

She and her son-in-law, Jeff Weidman, formed Gaston Unleashed, to lobby county commissioners to pass an anti-tethering ordinance.

“It’s inhumane and we want to get something changed about it,” Cobb said.

In Greenville County, South Carolina, tethering is allowed with major restrictions. Nearby York County, South Carolina, banned dog tethering in September after controversy sparked over the meaning of its tethering ordinance adopted in 2012.

Gaston County has an animal cruelty ordinance, but it does not mention the tethering of a dog.

“So far, our research has concluded that there are absolutely no ordinances in Gaston County around anti-tethering,” said Weidman.

Gaston County’s animal cruelty ordinance requires owners to provide “sufficient good and wholesome food and water, proper shelter and protection from the weather, veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering, and humane care and treatment.”

According to the Humane Society of the United States, chaining and tethering can physically and psychologically damage a dog’s well-being. They’re more vulnerable to insect bites and sores from their collar.

Members of Gaston Unleashed asked Gaston County commissioners at a September meeting to consider an anti-tethering ordinance for animals.

“The county manager and animal care and enforcement are looking at what would be best for Gaston to make sure all dogs are being treated as humanely as possible,” Fraley said. “If we need to take any action, hopefully it shouldn’t take more than a month or two.”

Cobb said she hopes commissioners move forward with a plan.

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