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Attention all ADBA Sanctioned Clubs!!

By March 30, 2017June 20th, 2017Legislation

We STRONGLY encourage each club to make sure your Local Legislative Liaison is staying informed of the laws that are being proposed in your area. It’s extremely important for your club and its members to be aware of what is happening locally so you can keep the ADBA Legislative Department up-to-date. It’s imperative that we work together to fight BSL, Anti-Tethering and Anti-Breeder laws; we need to stay proactive!

Send all upcoming/pending Legislation to 

LOCAL LEGISLATIVE LIAISON (s): The duties of the Local Legislative liaison is to obtain and be knowledgeable of ordinances and laws existing in the surrounding area, and to keep abreast of all new and/or purposed ordinances as they happen pertaining to animal ordinances, BSL, etc. The legislative liaison will provide a full report of area ordinances and laws as well as activities of it at no less than one club meeting, or when called on to do so. A copy of report(s) are to be given to the clubs Publicity Director for publication in clubs newsletter, the office of the ADBSI and ADBA’s legislative department, as often as necessary to keep all parties informed. LLA representative(s) contact information (email and/or phone number) will be given to the ADBA’s Legislative department as a BSL contact for the club. The legislative liaison(s) must notify the sanctioning body (ADBSI) as well as the clubs Secretary of any/all change(s) of email address and/or phone number in a prompt and timely manner.