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August 2020 American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette- Remembering “Miss Jean” Carpenter

On the cover of the August 2020 American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette – Volume 45 Issue 1

Remembering “Miss Jean” Carpenter

Centerfold – Sorrell’s “Crazy Dugan”
(reprint from first APBT Gazette)

  • A Look at Prepotent Brook Stock – Part V by Amy Greenwood-Dudar
  • Remembering “Miss Jean” Carpenter
  • Johnny G. by Bob Stevens
  • Lyme Disease in Your Dog
  • New Hate Groups By John Katz
  • Jerry & Duke by Wayne D. Brown
  • 45 Years and Counting, The APBT Gazette by Amy Greenwood-Dudar
  • The East Coast Season Opener… In Missouri? By Jackie and Bo Jones
  • Looking Back at Oscar Stephany by Joanie Winchester, Tatonka Knls
  • Creative Customers (Artwork)
  • Questions and Suggestions
  • In Memory of Michael Kavanaugh
  • Future Dogman in the Making
  • Hard Times and Survivors by Gary Hammonds
  • Ch/Ace/TD Spotlight
  • Rankings
  • Show News
  • Introducing ADBA’s Newest Judges
  • Show Calendar
  • Point Standings
  • A Family Tradition (Loposay Family)

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