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Bulldogs of the Rockies 2017 Sponsorships

By June 21, 2017June 26th, 2017Club Information, About ADBA Events

**SPONSOR A 2017 NATIONALS PLAQUE!!** Hello everyone! We are only 14 weeks away from the upcoming Nationals. Sam K Villani and his crew are devoting approximately 5 hours per plaque, handcrafting each one. That’s about 120 plaques x 5 hours = 600 HOURS of hard work! You’re not sponsoring just a trophy, you’re sponsoring a piece of artwork! Hosting a Nationals is a huge undertaking. We – as a “Bulldog Family” – can assist this club by sponsoring a plaque. There are quite a few left to sponsor, so your generosity is greatly appreciated! Conformation and weight pull class placements are $50, MWPP Trophy Awards are $100, and only a few Champion class remain at $150 each. You can sponsor it as an individual or see if your club would like to sponsor one in the club’s name! You can contact me directly at and I can assist you with what classes are available. Payments go directly to the club through their PayPal account