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Thank you for visiting our new page the 49TH PARALLEL SPORTING DOG CLUB. We are an ADBA sanctioned travelling sporting dog club. We hope to promote the sport of Top Dog as a club by traveling to both Canadian and American clubs alike that may not have the equipment needed to host these events. Our mission will be to host top dog events, by travelling to shows with our equipment, and stepping up to judge as well when needed. For the past few years our group of dedicated individuals have helped run top dog events up here for the two Canadian clubs as well as the Evergreen and Beaver state clubs. We look forward to continuing to host these events as the 49TH PARALLEL SPORTING DOG CLUB. We look forward to meeting new competitors and their dogs, and helping grow this amazing sport. Please feel free to post any top dog related posts or photos on our facebook page. But we ask that above all be respectful and sportsmanlike as with out those essential qualities we will not grow this sport to its full potential!
Stacey & Don Mangat