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Golden State American Pit Bull Terrier Club

The Golden State American Pit Bull Terrier Club is proud to be the first club sanctioned by the American Dog Breeders Association. Founded in 1975, we have been holding conformation and weight pull shows ever since.We promote the responsible ownership and breeding of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The past few years, we have been holding conformation shows only, no weight pulls, in conjunction with the Southern California APBTC. This is due to lack of funds and people willing to do the hard work involved in running a weight pull; judging it, paperwork, cart loaders and handlers, not to mention storing and transporting the weight pull track and weights necessary to hold a successful pull.

Also, due to participation on the part of exhibitors being down substantially and because we have had to move the show site several times in the past ten years, the club has struggled financially. It is expensive to put on a show. We need your support in order to continue to hold the shows that are so important for our breed. Come on out and show your dogs!

We are informal and family oriented, but there are rules to follow at the shows:

  1. All dogs must be ADBA registered and at least 4 months old. ADBA registration papers or Show & Pull ID card must be presented when registering for the event. Limited Performance Program (LPP) registered dogs are welcome to enter our fun classes - currently Junior Handlers and Judge's Choice.
  2. No puppies or dogs allowed on the show grounds - for sale or otherwise - unless entered in the event.
  3. All children on show grounds must have parent or guardian supervision at all times.
  4. All dogs will be secured in dog crates (no collapsible wire cages) and attended to at all times. Crates must be in good condition. Dogs must be in dog crates unless walking out just prior to its class, called to holding area, in the ring or exiting the ring.
  5. Dogs will be held in designated holding area by class prior to being called to the ring for participation. Classes are held in the following order; 4-6 month male, 4-6 month female, 6-9 month male, 6-9 month female, 9-12 month male, 9-12 month female, Best Puppy, Champion of Champions, 12-18 month male, 12-18 month female, 18-24 month male, 18-24 month female, 2-3 year male, 2-3 year female, 3-5 year male, 3-5 year female, 5 year & older male, 5 year & older female, Best of Show. There may be a break between Champion of Champions and the adult classes per the preference of the judge.
  6. While participating in any event, leads (leashes) are to be no longer than 4 feet and attached to a "belt buckle" collar. Collars must be secure (cannot slip over the ears/head). No "flex" leads, "quick release" snaps or "choke chains" allowed.
  7. Their will be no "facing-off" or "sparing" of dogs, "challenges" or unsportsmanlike conduct allowed.
  8. No spayed or neutered dogs (unless registered in the LPP) and no females in heat allowed on show grounds.
  9. Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Any dog showing aggression to humans, or human showing aggression to dogs, will be barred from participation and escorted off the show grounds.
  10. No alchohol allowed on show grounds. We can lose the show site if any one person is found violating this rule.
  11. No refunds given for any reason unless you pre-registered (directly with the club) and your female came into heat.
  12. You are responsible for yourself, your dogs, your children and children entrusted to your care. You agree to hold harmless, release, waive and indemnify the club, its officers and members.

We welcome questions and we'll be as helpful as we can. We're friendly, so don't be afraid to ask any question.

Questions related to the ADBA should be referred to them, such as registering or transferring ownership of a dog, registering a litter or subscribing to the Gazette.


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