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Criminalizing Pet Ownership In Texas

By December 20, 2016Legislation

… one incremental step at a time.

More unenforceable animal ordinances which do nothing to address stray/loose
dog problems! Christmas is a preferred time for cities to pass anti-pet legislation as
they believe everyone’s too busy to notice.

ODESSA, TX, Animal Ordinance went into effect December 5th:
Mandates all impounded animals must be spayed/neutered before leaving
shelter. Fosters or Rescuers housing more than four animals must be approved.
“Animals” definition should be checked out.  

A violation for “UNATTENDED” ANIMALS in a parked vehicle is included, which
has a $500 fine.

“UNATTENDED” appears to be a new “animal rights” tactic to confuse issues. 

In the last Session of the Legislature, we killed a Texas Humane Legislation
Network (THLN) bill — “supposedly” written to ban “chaining dogs” but the
bill included the “UNATTENDED” word, and would have affected “all” dogs
confined in backyards — not just chained dogs! Do you really believe this
was an oversight? THLN claims to come back this upcoming session with the
same bill, but Sponsor Rep. Kenneth Sheets was NOT re-elected! No doubt
THLN will find a new sponsor elsewhere. Bills can be filed until mid-March.

Changes could be on the way for dealing with loose pets in Midland, TX,
also. City Council unanimously approved the “first reading” of a new
ordinance that could require pets to be spayed or neutered on second
impoundment. If owners don’t comply, Midland Animal Control will seize the
animal and deliver it to the veterinarian themselves!