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Dallas City, TX – Pet Sale Ban Ordinance 22-989

By May 10, 2022Legislation

We need a Tsunami of emails!!


There is a hearing before Dallas City Council TOMORROW, May 11, 2022 at 9:00 AM Central Time to discuss and vote on Pet Sale Ban Ordinance 22-989.

All Texas citizens should be extremely concerned that the Dallas Mayor and Dallas City Council would consider making biased opinions become law, forever targeting legal, licensed business owners and prohibiting a business model that makes access to purpose-bred, health-tested, family-friendly pets for consumers who prefer to purchase their pets from a retail pet store.

If you live in Texas, you can register to testify in person or via ZOOM by registering before 5:00 PM Central Time today at this LINK.
Here is a link to speaker guidelines click here.

To send a written testimony, please send HERE.

Regardless of where you live, please send an email to the Dallas City Council to OPPOSE this rescue mandate that destroys consumer choice and creates an unfair monopoly for unregulated rescues, while also putting the public health and safety of Texas consumers at risk. Ordinance 22-989 disregards the U.S. Constitution and would destroy lawful businesses simply because it does not align with their personal ideology.

Let’s not allow Dallas City Council to bend to the will of the animal rights zealots! Please send your emails NOW!

Send Your Email to Dallas MAYOR & City Council