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Dallas joins RPOA’s Texas Anti-Pet Cities List

By August 16, 2018 Legislation

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Texas Outreach
July 11, 2018
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Animal Welfare, not Animal Rights!

Dallas City Council voted June 27th to remove their “exemptions” for
mandatory spay/neuter of all impounded competition dogs/cats, service
animals, or animals for which a breeding permit has been purchased.” This
includes dogs and cats brought to the Dallas area by visitors who are
competing in American Kennel Club and Cat Fanciers’ Association events.
There is no provision for an appeal and the animal control director or chief
of police is authorized to seize and impound any animal.

1) This clearly demonstrates the dangers of “exemptions” from bad
legislation in the first place — which is simply a maneuver used to silence
opposition. Easy to remove later!

2) Once animal ordinance proposals are scheduled for a city council vote,
they appear to be cast in stone — usually passed by unanimous votes with no
changes. We must be proactive!

3) Animal control directors are not always “truthful” when promoting their
legislative agenda. Director Ed Jamison of Dallas Animal Services replied
to stakeholders and the American Kennel Club with “misinformation” regarding
the legislative intent of the proposal — claiming it was “only an
adjustment of fees.”

While personally speaking with Animal Care Services Director Jamison
earlier, one of our members asked “where” it states that ALL animals must be
spayed or neutered and his reply was “It doesn’t right now, but we’ll work
on that tomorrow.” He said that Dallas could not legislate for “odd
exceptions like show dogs because it isn’t fair to other Dallas pet owners.”
The impression was that Director Ed Jamison’s goal is to get ALL Dallas dogs
and cats sterilized or moved out of the city limits.

4) Two Councilmembers and ACS Director Ed Jamison mentioned that Dallas
will be “visiting and revising” other parts of their animal code in the
Fall. So be forewarned!

Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN, the Texas partner for Humane Society
the U.S) has their finger in most municipal animal control ordinances.
THLN’s Board of Directors includes Kathy Davis, former San Antonio Animal
Care Services director. Davis has also served in Dallas as director of Code
Enforcement & Animal Services in the past. Skip Trimble, THLN’s legislative
spokesman for years, is also a Dallas resident and former long-time chairman
of the Dallas Animal Advisory Committee. So “animal rights” casts a big net
over Texas.

Thanks to our people who attended and opposed this onerous ordinance
revision in Dallas:
Ken Hagmueller, President Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Club.
Karen Henry, Recording Secretary Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Club.
Sandi Myers, Obedience & Rally Trial Secretary Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund
Club (Breeder of Merit and Dachshund Field Trial Judge).
Gary Cathey & Justin Normand – Dachshund Fanciers & Competitors.
Ann Wolf, San Jacinto Beagle Club.
Janine Charboneau, Veterinarian/Dog Behaviorist, former dog show
Lexi Moore, Trinity Valley Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.
Rebecca Barnes, Siberian Husky Club of Metropolitan Dallas, Nolan River
Kennel Club, Siberian Husky Club of America.

Afterwards, they were approached by Ken Kalthoff, an NBC reporter, asking
for information about what had happened. He seemed sympathetic to
out-of-town exhibitors and interviewed two members of our group. You might
ask “Why waste our time to attend and speak up to city elected officials?”
Because every person we can “educate” about the radical “Animal Rights
Agenda” is a bonus for the future. Handouts were delivered and we’re
working on even more new flyers for our website:
Most people don’t know the difference between Animal “Rights” and Animal

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