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The Death of Dog Training

By May 18, 2017June 20th, 2017Training

The Death of Dog Training

I remember being in the waiting room at my vet’s clinic, and a woman with a couple kids and a nice looking dog came in. They were all crying. I asked them if their dog was sick because the dog looked quite well. They said no. They were going to have the dog euthanized. I asked why. Apparently the woman had taken the dog to a training clinic in Concord, California. Outside the clinic were some protesters passing out literature. One talked with her and explained that “training your dog is abuse!” Then the woman said to me…we cannot have a dog that isn’t trained in our house, and we don’t want to abuse the dog, so we are going to have to have the dog euthanized.

I wasn’t there when she came out of her visit with the vet, but knowing that vet, I am sure he persuaded her to make a different choice as I know he had done that with people and their birds. This woman is a great example of what the animal rights are doing to the public.

What I am seeing is individuals with pet birds or other pet animals and when things get uncomfortable, they want to euthanize the animal. As the article stated…*death over discomfort ** .* that is an insane choice IMO. I can see this concept migrating right over to humans!

And this seems to be similar in thought to the way some people are raising their children, totally without appropriate direction and guidance so that they are ending up demanding “safe spaces” in college and even demanding that professors avoid talking about “awful things that cause them to be upset.”

I had a hard time believing this stuff. My son operates a basketball clinic for kids in his city so that boys and girls have the opportunity to participate in sports where they don’t in regular schools now. I asked him about the behavior of kids today. He told me that they are definitely little flowers that expect to be treated with kid gloves! He works with them and the parents to help them move into a more realistic approach to life.

If we have an adult population of people with this mindset, we are in for big trouble! No wonder the animal rights radicals can point fingers and accuse people of treating their animals badly and everyone believes it. This is an extremely problematic situation for all animal owners as it lays the groundwork for removal of animals for just about any reason.