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Dog Health Guidelines for ADBA Events

By May 16, 2016December 8th, 2016Canine Health, ADBA Resources

Dog Health Guidelines


All dogs attending ADBA Sanctioned Conformation shows and Weight Pulling Events are expected to be in good health and free from communicable diseases. This is essential for the safety and good health of all dogs being exhibited at ADBA Sanctioned events.

Dogs at the show venues should come prepared to show proof of routine vaccinations and rabies immunization that are required by state law if requested by club officials and any animal control officers that could be on the show grounds.

Any dog that has tested positive for Babesia gibsoni (Asian genotype) and has received treatment, must have two negative PCR tests following treatment before being exhibited in an ADBA conformation show or weight pulling event

Occasionally, exhibitors may request that ADBA require another exhibitor to have health screening of their dog done because they suspect the dog might be infected with a communicable disease. Each case will be handled on an individual basis, with due respect to all parties involved.  The following are general guidelines that will be followed in the majority of cases.

  1. Each challenge must be presented to the ADBA in writing, specifying the nature of the concern and the specific health screening that is being requested.  A $500.00 challenge fee must be included with the written complaint.  If the health concerns are substantiated, the $500.00 challenge fee will be returned to the person bringing the complaint.  If the health concerns are unsupported by the health screening done, then the challenge fee is forfeited and becomes property of the ADBA, and will be used to cover expenses of the challenge.
  2. The ADBA will work with clubs and exhibitors to ensure that dogs at ADBA sanctioned events are safe from injury and health risks.  Clubs are required to strictly follow all ADBA rules and encourage responsible ownership and good sportsmanship at all club venues.
  3. Confidentiality and respect for privacy of any challenge, grounds for the challenge and any and all health information will be mandated as a condition of bringing the challenge.
  4. Dogs that are pending test results will not be able to be shown or to compete in weight pulling events, until results are verified.
  5. The ADBA will work with the owner of the dog and give guidance as to the proper health screening to be done.  Accurate identification of the dog to be tested will be done by an ADBA sanctioned judge or representative approved by the ADBA. The owner of the dog will be required to sign a release at the time of testing so that the test results can be forwarded directly from the facility doing the testing to the ADBA office. All testing fees will be paid by the dog’s owner at the time of the testing.  If the health concerns are unsupported by the test results, then costs for the health screening will be reimbursed to the owner by the ADBA using the challenge funds.