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1. How do I fill out my new dogs Certificate?

Please refer to our Transfer of Ownership page. Back to top.

2. What is a Pedigree?

A Pedigree is the family tree of the dog. This will show the parents, grand parents, and great grandparents, up to 7 generations back. Pedigrees are used to decide what breedings will produce the best results based on the background of each dog.  Order your dogs pedigree here.  Back to top.

3. How do I register my litter?

For information Click: Litter Registration   Back to top.

4. How long does it take to get my papers back?

  • Standard processing– for Litter Registrations, Single Registrations, and Transfer of Ownerships with pedigrees is approximately 4-6 weeks. This does not include mailing time (5 days), weekends or Holidays.
  • RushOnce the papers are received by our office we Guarantee they will be processed within10 business days. They are then shipped regular mail approx (5-7 days)
  • Super Rush- Once the papers are received by our office we Guarantee the will be processed within 2 business days.  They are then shipped Priority Mail approx (2-3 days)  Back to top.

5. What can ADBA do with my dogs photos?

We are always looking for great pictures of your registrered dogs to put on our website, we also offer pictures printed on your dogs registration papers for free with purchase of a Certificate or Pedigree,  Please send your clear pictures with registration numbers to  Back to top.

6. I lost my registration certificate, what now?

The ADBA offers a duplicate application from that will replace lost Certificates and Pedigrees. Duplicates cannot be applied for over the phone or thru email. Duplicate Registation Application Back to top.

7. Does ADBA start lines?

The Single registration form does not start lines. Its purpose is to dual register dogs from one company to another. It will also continue lines that may have been dropped due to neglect in registration practices. In this case one or two generations might not be registered but they must tie back into dogs that are registered, or have been recorded in our files. If this is the case, then the owners of the dogs in the background must verify the pedigree by signing the application form.   Back to top.

8. I rescued an APBT, can it be registered?

A three generation pedigree is required for registration. Any dog that has been found or rescued, probably didn’t come with the needed information for registration. We do offer a Limited Performance Program for ‘unregisterable dogs’. Read more about LPP Registration here. Back to top.

9. Does my Registration Certificate ever expire?

No, as long as you have the papers they are still valid. After 120 days of ownership without transferring the certificate into your name, there is a late fee that must be paid. Even after the 120 days papers are still VALID. Papers are only invalid if the dog is deceased or reported stolen.   Back to top.

10. What titles can be earned by my dog?

When participating in the shows the titles of  “Champion” “Grand Champion” to different degrees can be achieved. These will appear on Registration certificates and Pedigrees as Ch, Gd Ch, G/C I, G/C II, G/C III, etc.
When participating in the Weight Pulls the titles of “Ace” and “Ace of Ace” to different degrees can be achieved. These will appear on Registration certificates and Pedigrees as Ace, Ace of Ace, A/A I, A/A II, A/A III, etc.
For more information about ADBSI events click: Upcoming Events   Back to top.

11. I can’t figure out what color my pups are!

Here is our new Color Chart. Pictures and colors listed. This should help you be more accurate with naming the colors of your pups. Back to top.

12. Can’t find what you need here?

Still Have a Question?   Contact us here.  Back to top.