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GA – Dog attack on children draws calls for restrictions

By January 19, 2017Legislation

GA – Dog attack on children draws calls for restrictions

HALL COUNTY, Ga. – Some outspoken residents of the Hall County town of Lula are calling for restrictions or a ban on pit bull dogs following an dog attack in Atlanta this week that left one child dead and another severely injured.

“It’s for the protection of the people, the seniors and the children,” said Mere Barbee.

Barbee, who has lived in Lula for the past 30 years, said stray pit bulls roam in the area and she is constant fear of being attacked.

“I am very worried about anyone who has a pit bull and no control over it. They’re vicious. We have a lot people in our area who walk, we have children who walk to school something needs to be done,” said Barbee.

On Tuesday evening, Barbee addressed the local city council and ask members to consider action to restrict the dogs.

But other residents are against restrictions or a ban and say pit bull dogs are not inherently vicious.

Local resident Bridgette Ruis spoke with Channel 2’s Tom Regan. She owns a large pit bull named Brutus, several other dogs and horses. She also has children.

“I firmly believe it’s in how they are raised. My dog is the best dog ever. He’s a big baby,” said Ruis.

Cities and counties in Georgia can write measures to ban or restrict dog breeds. The city of Lula has not indicted what, if any action it may take.


Stormy Hope