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About The Go to Ground Event

By May 16, 2016December 8th, 2016About ADBA Events

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Go To Ground


Go To Ground is an attempt to simulate natural hunting. Participant (dog) enters an artificial earth or den (9” x 9” tunnel, usually made of wood) using their instinct-by-breeding and sense of smell “to hunt” for the quarry stationed safely at the end of the tunnel. Participants are judged on their speed to the tunnel’s end and their ability to work, or “mark” the quarry (e.g. barking, whining, digging etc.) when they reach the quarry’s location. Although it is really more or less a game for the dogs, it can be a good training step for real earthwork.


The participant is placed on the starting line, in front of an artificial hole. All four of the dog’s feet must be touching the ground. The GTG judge will instruct the handler to release the dog when the handler and dog are ready. The dog will move through the tunnel as fast as it can. The end of the tunnel has a grate over the opening to keep the dog from attacking the quarry – a rat in a cage. The GTG judge, times the dog from the moment it is released until it begins to “mark” the quarry. Depending upon the class entered (novice, open and/or championship) the dog must mark the quarry for a predetermined period of time. (See GTG class divisions). If the dog successfully marks the quarry, the time is recorded and the dog may be eligible for a ribbon. If the dog is unsuccessful in marking the quarry, the time does not count and the dog is disqualified.

  1. All dogs must be ADBA registered to enter competition.
  1. All dogs must be ADBA registered to apply for titles of achievement.
  1. No bitches in heat allowed.
  1. All disqualifications will result in no entry fees being refunded.
  1. Schooling or practice on the event grounds prior to the sanctioned competition is NOT permitted. Any violation of this rule shall result in disqualification from the GTG competition at this trial.
  2. Exhibitors are required to pick up score sheets for their dogs at the GTG registration table each event. Exhibitors are responsible for completing entrant’s correct information on score sheet. At the time of the competition, the exhibitor will give the score sheet to the appropriate club official for scoring by the Judge. Judge will be responsible for giving completed sheets to the club to submit to the ADBSI office.
  3. Exhibitors are required to read the score sheets and class descriptions carefully, and review and abide by the rules for GTG competitions.