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How to Start a Club

By May 16, 2016May 14th, 2024Club Information

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How Do I Start a Club?


Establish Club Membership:
Before you can become a Sanctioned Club, you will need to have paying members. ADBA recommends a membership that includes enough active members to properly conduct a large event without relying on outside help.
The club’s name as well as the yearly membership fee is to be decision of the committee in charge of the formation of the club. (i.e. $25.00 for a single person and $35.00 for a married couple or family.) A list of clubs membership is required and must be included when applying for ADBA Sanctioned club approval.

Club Officers:
After you have established your membership, the club officer positions will need to be filled. This can be accomplished by selection, appointment or election for a clubs 1st year officer positions of; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations and Local Legislative Agent (LLA). A complete list of all officers of the club as outlined in clubs By-Laws must be submitted when applying for ADBSI Sanctioned status Club Officers

Establish a Checking Account For The Club:
Start a checking account in the club’s name with the membership fees. (Signatures of two officers who do not reside in the same household are required on account). Keep in mind that all fees collected are that of the club and not one individual person. All monies collected will go toward club functions, shows, etc. Detailed information should be kept by the club treasurer regarding club funds. Club books to be open to membership as outlined in clubs By-Laws on file with ADBA.

Establish Clubs Constitution and By-Laws.
The club will need to establish their individual Constitution& By Laws (sample copy is available in the Club Kit for clubs review). This describes duties of the officers, clubs mission statement, procedures of operation, etc. 

Establish relationships of good will to sister clubs within your area.
Acceptance letters from any/all existing ADBA sanctioned club within your area (300 miles) although not mandatory, will greatly affect the outcome when applying for ADBA sanctioning. Therefore, we strongly advise that all new forming clubs acquire an official letter of “welcome/good will” from all existing ADBA sanctioned clubs within your area to accompany your request to be recognized as an ADBA Sanctioned Club.

Once your club has completed the steps above, submit a request to be recognized and sanctioned by the ADBA, along with the information listed above by emailing your written request to