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By April 22, 2024Legislation

The Endangered Breeds Association was originally established in 1980 to challenge and reverse breeds specific legislation (BSL) across the country.  Today we lobby against unconstitutional and breed specific ordinances at the municipal, state, and federal levels.  We are founded in the American Pit Bull Terrier who was targeted the most with this type of legislation.  Times have changed and so has the movement of the animal extremist groups.  The preservation of all dogs is in danger.  The EBA is here to help individuals and other groups when challenging in court BSL, unjust application of vicious dog ordinances and statutes, and unreasonable proposals and ordinances as it relates to containment, care of dogs and unjust breeding regulations.

We will work to oppose mandatory spaying and neutering ordinances and legislation.  We will oppose anti-tethering laws that restrict time limits and encourage tethering laws that ensure the animal has proper shelter, food, water, and unencumbered freedom to move.

We are committed to educate owners in the responsible ownership of all breeds of dogs.  Setting yourself and your dogs up to be successful is of the utmost importance.  Each breed of dog is bred for a purpose.  We will work to promote and preserve the qualities of all breeds of dogs.

We will strenuously oppose the use of any breed of dog for any illegal activity

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