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    Kennel Name Application


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    1. A registered kennel name is a word which is for the exclusive use of a breeder in the identification of dogs he applies to register. ADBA undertakes to use reasonable care to protect such kennel names submitted and accepted by the ADBA for the sole use of the individual submitting name.
    2. If ownership of dogs is to be listed in ADBA registered kennel name, only one kennel owner’s signature is needed for sale of dog and for stud certificate.
    3. Any person in good standing with the American Dog Breeders Association, Inc., whose registration policies agree with the registration policies of the ADBA may be granted a registered kennel name.
    4. The registration of a kennel name does not constitute the endorsement of the applicant’s establishment of kennel by the ADBA. It is merely an acceptance of an identifying name issued to the applicant.
    5. Name that will be approved for use as a registered kennel name will be names that are unique. All kennel names will show possession unless past registration of dogs has set a precedent otherwise. (i.e. “GOING LIGHT BARNEY”, “RUFFIAN OF HAR-WYN”, “GOOD TIMES JOE”, etc.). Names that will be approved for use as a registered kennel name must reflect a positive image of the breed and will need to be unique enough to be given exclusive use by the person registering the kennel name. Last names, first names, or Initials cannot be used alone.
    6. A kennel name that has been applied for and accepted by the ADBA, with payment is to assure exclusive rights to registered kennel name ONLY.
    7. Dogs registered under the Kennel Name will be issued registration numbers with an indication of “K” in front.
    Example: K36545AP-99
    8. If kennel name has been inactive for over 15 years, name can be resold at the discretion of the ADBA