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About the ADBA

Five of Ralph’s eight children serve on the Board Of Directors along with Ralph’s life partner, Mrs. Renee Greenwood. These members of the Board bring to the business a love of the breed, a firm direction of where it is going, along with a business background to keep the corporation financially solid.

Ralph Greenwood

Founding Member/Father of the ADBA

Ralph Greenwood was involved with the American Pit Bull Terrier from the age of 15 years old. Ralph was a family man and built the business on his reputation of honesty, honor and having the ability to do what was right, sometime despite popular opinion.

Hank Greenwood

President / Chairman of the Board

Hank Greenwood is Ralph's oldest son and serves as President / Chairman Of The Board of the American Dog Breeders Association.

Kate Greenwood-Sheffer


Kate J. Greenwood-Sheffer is Ralph’s fourth daughter. In 1988, she was elected as the President of the American Dog Breeders Association Inc. until 2008.

Patty G. Bullock

Vice President / Registration Manager

Patty G. Bullock is Ralph's third daughter. Patty Bullock was elected Vice President of the ADBA effective January 1st 2008. She retains her position as registration manager that she has held since 1988.

Renee Greenwood

Renee Greenwood was the backbone of the ADBA and always had been. Renee was Ralph's wife and life-partner of 37 years, as well as the mother of his eight children. Renee served as a board member and also exclusive consultant and "expert in residence."

Tyler Bullock

Tyler Bullock

Board Member, IT Director

Tyler began working in the registration office in 2003 and with his knowledge of technology and the registration process he worked his way into the roles of IT Director and Advertising Manager for the APBT Gazette.

Heather DeVito

Board Member, Show Manager, APBT Gazette Editor

Heather is our Show Manager and was promoted to editor of the APBT Gazette magazine in 2019. Throughout the years, she has owned several ADBA registered APBT's - one of them achieving his Grand Champion title. She is a sanctioned Top Dog Athletic Event judge and has competed in sanctioned ADBA conformation shows across the U.S. as well as Top Dog Athletic Events. Heather has been with the ADBA since 1993, and recently became a member of the ADBA Board of Directors.

Adam Bullock

Board Member, DNA Director

Adam started in registration in 2005. He is the director of the DNA Certification program and excels in pedigree research and processing. He is the person to go to for questions and is knowledgeable and here to help with any registration problem.

Amy Greenwood-Dudar

Board Member

Amy is Ralph's second daughter. Amy's main interest is the health and husbandry of the dogs. Amy is also an ADBA Sanctioned Conformation Judge and is the Director Of Judges Education

Andrew Greenwood

Board Member

Andrew Greenwood is Ralph's youngest son and was involved with daily hands on care of the dogs along side his dad. He is the current kennel manager, maintaining a kennel of 15 to 20 dogs.