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Michigan – VOTE NO ON HB5577

By March 9, 2020Legislation

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Here is a direct link to HB5577

If this does not directly impact you, I ask for you to please hear me out. We are all in this together. We cannot let people take our rights away. When will it stop? Please help sign this petition to show that us animal owners should not be treated like we are the same as the irresponsible people! We have laws in place already and those are enough. Why should only us dog owners have to deal with these things? And all of the other animals (such as cats) seem to be exempt!

First thing I would like to address surrounding this bill would be that dogs are private property, as they are bought and owned by humans. If people have to bring their dogs in when temperature is under 40 degrees and over 90 degrees, then why can the other animals owned by humans be able to stay outside? We already have laws in place for properly housing and caring for our animals. As long as they have adequate shelter, containment, sanitary conditions, access to fresh water, shade, and natural lighting then that is sufficient. People who own hunting dogs, sporting dogs, and even pets can supply a dog with a happy and healthy life even if it is living outside. Insulated dog houses that are elevated off of the ground and packed full of straw provide a warm and secure environment for dogs that do not make good inside dogs. Dogs, just like any other animal we own, adjust to the weather. Bringing a dog into the AC or the heat for a few hours and then placing them back outside truly messes up their cycle. These dogs have longer winter fur, and are often fattened up by us responsible owners.

Not all dogs are the same. Genetics play a huge role in how dogs mature. If all dogs were the same then the AKC and UKC clubs wouldn’t have separate groupings of breeds such as terriers, herding, and so on. Keeping that in mind, people who have working dogs (whether it be hunting, herding, weight pulling, agility etc) have dogs that are genetically so high energy that they make better outdoor dogs. Being properly contained outside allows for the dog to be able to run, jump and stretch it’s legs whenever it pleases. The dogs are still loved, and I definitely think loving your animal means you’re fully aware of it’s needs and you are properly educated on how to supply it with everything it needs to maintain a healthy, and happy, wellbeing.

Our fear is losing our rights to our beloved animals. Our property that we rightfully own. I, as well as hundreds and even thousands of responsible owners of working animals, beg you to not let this pass. Please keep enforcing laws that are already in place. Please do not group all of us responsible people in with those who are negligent. We do not all deserve to have our rights taken away just because there are people out there that do not comply.

Let me leave you with a question that will hopefully sit with you…

Many people out there irresponsibly drink and drive, killing many innocent victims (humans, which should have priority over animals) daily. So, since there are irresponsible people out there drinking and driving, will there come a time that drinking is made illegal? Or simply driving? Will we ALL lose our rights just because there are other irresponsible humans?

Pictures of my happy and healthy beloved dogs that our outside pets. We compete in dock diving, barnhunt, weight pull, conformation with many clubs, lure course and a handful of other fun sports. People like myself love having dogs that are energetic as they make for the perfect teammate in these sports. Dogs with a lot of energy may become destructive if they do not have an energy outlet and have to live indoors or be caged up all day and night.