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Missouri’s Working Animal Protection Act, HCS-SCS 559, is officially dead

By May 17, 2019May 23rd, 2019Responsible Ownership

May 17, 2019

Dear Members and Supporters,

Missouri’s Working Animal Protection Act, HCS-SCS 559, is officially dead. Sadly, our bill got caught up in the log jam of bills in the pipeline during the end of session along with politics and personal agendas at play at the end of session.

We were so close! And we would not have gotten as far as we did if it hadn’t been for your willingness to push communications to the law makers urging them to support the protection of jobs utilizing working animals. THANK YOU!

Please know that our efforts to pass this important legislation to protect legal jobs utilizing working animals is not over, and plans are already under way for WAPA to be carried again in Missouri and several other states in 2020.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Missouri State Representative Bryan Spencer for his diligent and unwavering dedication to pass the Working Animal Protection Act.

We also want to thank Representative James White in Texas, Representative Theresa Manzella in Montana, and Senator Robin Webb in Kentucky for carrying Working Animal Protection Act in their states and for supporting our mission.

As always, thank you for your membership and support.

For Liberty,

Mindy Patterson
The Cavalry Group