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Must See Video: Buy or “Adopt” A Dog

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Texas Outreach
April 13, 2017
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Animal Welfare, not Animal Rights!

Sometimes comedy and laughter are the best methods for addressing the
radical agenda of animal “rights” extremists to end all use, breeding, sales
and especially “ownership” of animals.

Thanks to Humane Watch for this link!

It is so true … sadly. Texas has a very bad Dog & Cat Breeder Law that
has caused good breeders to either keep fewer “intact” females, move to
another state or quit breeding altogether. HSUS and their Texas compadre
“Texas Humane Legislation Network” have a member on the Breeder Advisory
Committee and attend every committee meeting to push for stricter
regulations, claiming USDA/APHIS regulations aren’t strict enough! This
Legislative Session is especially shocking to see how many legislators have
been hoodwinked into sponsoring their bills, written to regulate pet
ownership out of existence! There are 31 animal related bills with multiple
bills on the same topic as insurance.

Louis C.K. Riffs on HSUS Ads, Buying a Puppy

Apr 11, 2017 12:36 pm
Should you buy a dog, or adopt one? The choice is personal. And in a new
special on Netflix, comedian Louis C.K. offers his opinion in a story about
the time he got a dog for his kids. Getting a dog has become tainted by
political correctness. Groups like HSUS have stigmatized buying a
dog-“adopt, [.]

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