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National Animal Interest Alliance

By February 20, 2019February 24th, 2019Legislation

Dear Friends,

This special newsletter is filled with exciting updates on our work to preserve the human-animal bond and protect the rights of responsible animal enthusiasts, professionals, and pet owners. It also contains entertaining news from the AKC and our dog handler friends.

To accomplish our mission, NAIA conducts research and creates programs and educational resources, many of which affect dog breeds and breeders. We aim to change public opinion and public policy, giving well-deserved credit to the responsible dog enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to our breeds and the sport.

This year, we are laser focused on passing federal legislation to rein in the massive importation of dogs from foreign countries—dogs that often have health (highly contagious and sometimes zoonotic diseases and parasites) and temperament issues. These dogs fill up American’s shelters and flood the pet marketplace. To accomplish this goal, we have hired a top Washington DC lobby firm and continue to work in partnership with the AKC.

An important component of our work is empowering others to stand with us and let their voices be heard on issues affecting animals. We hope you will join our efforts, and we make it easy. Please subscribe to our news alerts, which are operated through our legislative associate, NAIA Trust. We’ll let you know about local, state, and federal legislation, and we’ll provide simple ways to get involved that will take just a matter of minutes, as you choose.

NAIA has a busy year ahead and, because of you, it’s going to be a good one. Thank you for kicking off 2019 with us and for being our Valentine.


Patti Strand, President
National Animal Interest Alliance