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  1. The ADBA Board of Directors met today and two things will be effective immediately. Sanctioned ADBA conformation judges will be allowed to attend, judge, and/or compete in any athletic sporting event (weight pull or Top Dog) as long as the event is NOT held on the same day as a sanctioned conformation show. (Please note – if you are the sanctioned judge for SUNDAY’s conformation show, and there is a conformation show being held in conjunction with sporting events on SATURDAY, you may NOT attend that sporting event. But you can compete/attend/participate if the athletic sporting event is held separate on Friday night.) If you are a sanctioned conformation judge and an Overall Top Dog Athletic Event Judge, the same rules apply and you may not enter a dog in an event you are judging or judge a family member or significant others dog(s), etc.
  2. Also, in coordination with the sanctioned Top Dog Athletic Event Judge, a handler may use a treat for an out on the wall climb ONLY during a Top Dog Athletic Event. This will not be considered bait. The treat may not be more than 1 square inch. If the handler intends to use food as an out, the handler must notify the judge when they arrive at the wall. They will then show the treat to the judge prior to the dog’s first attempt for approval. The treat must be given in a designated location OFF the run mat.
If you have any questions regarding these two changes please email heather@adbadog.comĀ