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By December 15, 2016Legislation

From the AKC website
Jen P & her Pack with permission to share


*Wednesday, December 14, 2016*
Four dog-related bills are scheduled to be considered and voted on by the
New Jersey General Assembly at 1PM on Monday, December 19, 2016. The
American Kennel Club encourages all New Jersey residents concerned with any
of the following bills to contact their Assembly member and the Assembly
Speaker with their concerns.
Dog-related bills scheduled for consideration and a vote include:

– A.308 <> –
This bill would prohibit those convicted of an animal cruelty offense from
participating as an owner, employee, or volunteer at an animal-related
enterprise; and bar them from owning a domestic companion animal for a
court-specified period of time. Under A.308, after conviction a court may
appoint a receiver to whom ownership and custody of an animal shall be
transferred, but does not require that non-possessory co-owners’ interest
would supersede all other parties that may serve as receiver. Owners of
animal-related enterprises would be required to determine that a
prospective employee or volunteer has not been convicted of a cruelty
violation by (1) requesting and receiving a determination by the state’s
Commissioner of Health that the person does not appear on a public list of
those ineligible to be animal control officers and by (2) having performed
a criminal background check on all employees, prospective employees, or
volunteers. *The AKC believes this bill should be amended to ensure
that the property rights of co-owners who were not party to the underlying
criminal incident be protected by ensuring they are first to take
possession of such animals. *

– *A.2041 <> –
This bill allows courts to issue an animal protection order against a
person found guilty of animal abuse or otherwise violating animal cruelty
crimes. The order may require the person to refrain from interacting with
a specific or any other animal permanently or for a period of time
specified by the court. *

– A.2052 <> –
This bill amends the definition of “necessary care” in the state’s animal
cruelty law. Changes include (1) exceptions for emergencies or
circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the person responsible for
the animal; (2) providing that adequate protection from the weather
includes an enclosed non-hazardous structure to protect the animal against
cold and dampness and for adequate protection against extreme or excessive
sunlight and from overexposure to the sun, heat, and other weather
condition; and (3) reasonable access to a clean and adequate exercise area.

– A.3636 <> –
This bill provides immunity from civil and criminal liability for those who
break into and enter a vehicle if the person reasonably believes that an
animal that has been left unattended in the vehicle under inhumane
conditions, that the animal is in imminent danger of serious harm, and the
person in good faith enters the vehicle in order to remove or render
emergency care to the animal. The bill requires the person to immediately
report the circumstances to rescue personnel, and make a reasonable effort
to locate the owner or other person responsible for the animal. After
rescue, the person shall immediately contact a law enforcement officer or
animal control officer to provide notification of the action. Law
enforcement is then required to seek immediate veterinary care for the
animal and commence an investigation.

New Jersey residents concerned with any of the dog-related bills listed
above are strongly encouraged to contact their Assembly member and Assembly
Speaker Vincent Prieto and respectfully express their concerns.
To find your Assembly member, click here to access the New Jersey
Legislature’s online Find Your Legislator tool
Email Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto at
For additional information on these bills or other pending legislation in
New Jersey, contact AKC Government Relations at