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Proof of Show Entry Required for Canada

Clubs And Events

Attention Show Attendees

Proof of show entry required for Canada

Our clubs and shows are the best way to give the public the opportunity to see our dogs at their best.

To make sure that no one attending ADBA/ADBSI events is working against the clubs efforts in showing our breed in a positive light, extra care should be taken to ensure all exhibitors, spectators and vendors are following all ADBSI Rules.

We need to be vocal and active and ensure that the public sees our dogs in a positive light. Our dog shows and weight pulls are the best method of promoting our dogs. People and politicians understand dog shows. They understand the need to have sexually intact dogs to be able to compete in legal sanctioned events. They understand you need multiple dogs for a successful conformation/weight pull breeding program. We would like to thank our clubs and their members for staying focused through these trying times and taking care of business.

Some ideas might be:

  1. When traveling double check that you have your standard documents needed when traveling to any show, the dogs shot records, proof of ownership, the show information as well as the phone number to the club and the ADBA office.
  2. Come prepared with a canopy to provide shade for yourself and your dogs.
  3. All dogs to be crated in appropriate size crate with bowls of water, mist spray bottles, crate fans, etc; to keep your dogs cool.
  4. Have all dogs in show shape. Please see the conformation standard for an explanation of this if you do not understand ‘show shape’. Remember, traveling a dog will cause them to drop weight and become dehydrated. Leave home a couple of pounds heavy – not one ounce light. As many of these dogs are well conditioned in order to look and perform their best, they may refuse water while traveling. A little corn oil in the water will take care of that problem.
  5. Be prepared with a buckle collar and four foot lead to show your dog in the ring.
  6. If you are bringing your children, please bring an extra adult to care for them while you are showing your dog in the ring.
  7. Please be aware of what you are wearing and how it will look if you happen to be shown on the 10 o’clock news. Any t-shirts that does not promote the American Pit Bull Terrier in a positive light should be left at home.

Remember that the ADBA and the ADBSI are here for all our clubs, members and exhibitors.

American Dog Breeders Association Inc.