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NJ: Jackson breeder ordinance passed

By December 7, 2016Legislation

Published on Dec 3, 2016  Community/Jackson

by Shore News Network

On Tuesday night, the Jackson Township council unanimously passed an ordinance that will affect private dog breeders in the township. Prior to the ordinance’s passing,  breeders who bred and sold  10 or less dogs or cats per year were exempt from having to obtain a kennel license and going through the expensive process of acquiring zoning and planning board approvals.

Now, anyone who breeds and sells more than 5 dogs or cats per year or cares for that many with financial gain will be required to register as a licensed kennel or breeder.

Pet shops, which go through more rigorous licensing and regulation are exempt from this local ordinance.

Small breeders and those who breed and sell more  5 dogs or cats in a commercial setting from their homes will now have to apply for a kennel license under the new ordinance.

Under the ordinance, no application for a license would accepted by the township clerk until such time as the applicant has received variance approval, if required, or such other approval, if required, from the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Planning Board meaning the applicants must retain lawyers and submit blueprints and plans to the township if such a use is not permitted in their current zone.

A license fee paid to the township will be required at an annual cost of $100. Those who violate the ordinance could be subject to up to a $500 fine.

Establishments that sell or shelter rescued animals are also exempt from this ordinance.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, no members of the public spoke in favor or against this ordinance and the township council provided no comment.