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By January 22, 2020Legislation

Colorado HB20-1084 is an unconstitutional, animal rights-driven measure prohibiting the sale of animals in pet stores while excluding shelters from the restrictions listed in this Act.

A hearing is set for February 3, 2020 at 1:30 PM in the Colorado House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee.

This animal rights-driven legislation is a threat to animal ownership in Colorado (and beyond), while also putting legal businesses out of business!

CO HB20-1084 is a tragic attempt to advance the emotional propaganda put forth by animal rights groups at the expense of the public who are unaware that the animal rights movement is an ideology based on the mission to remove animals from our daily lives.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) would have you believe that no advancements in care standards for dogs and cats have been made through the state PACFA regulations by responsible and loving kennel owners.

This emotional-based legislation even draws small breeders under it’s wide net by ignoring federal inspection under federal USDA inspection and regulatory guidelines under Animal Welfare Act (AWA) as well as the small breeders under state PACFA regulations in it’s contradictory definition of “PET STORE.”

There is no way that breeders currently licensed and/or regulated under USDA and PACFA as “RETAIL PET STORES” can comply with the provisions in this proposed Humane Pet Act, so they will be effectively banned if this Act is passed.

Further unscrupulous provisions that are found in the Humane Pet Act include:

Excluding shelters and rescues from this Act, thus revealing their intent to create a State-sanctioned monopoly that directly benefits the State, as a preponderance of Animal Shelters are run and administered by the State of Colorado;

Excluding shelters and rescues from the definition of the word “SALE” continues to reveal the true intent of the emotional language in this Act, which is to force retail breeders into a subjugated category of perceived inferiority;

Playing the numbers game by limiting the number of dogs or cats a breeder houses in no way increases the quality of their care. There is no reputable data available to support this claim.

Wire and non-solid flooring prevent the animals from being forced to sit, lay or stand in their own waste. To require this provision is cruel and reveals complete ignorance of sound animal husbandry practices.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is the consensus of every Canine Reproductive Specialist (a specialty known as Therionology), that consecutive breedings, back to back, for a specific period of time, usually 2-years, followed by retirement from breeding entirely is the BEST, SAFEST, and MOST SCIENTIFICALLY sound practice for breeding a female dog. This is a decision best left to a veterinarian and the breeder, not to an emotional public with little knowledge of best animal husbandry practices.

Please click the tab below and modify the letter template included to urge Members of the Colorado House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee to OPPOSE this very misguided, animal rights-driven legislation.