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By April 17, 2019May 7th, 2019Responsible Ownership

To RPOA chairmen and friends,

I am sending you, as RPOA chairmen, a copy of what I sent to several legislators regarding my opposition to the tethering bills – now back again and moving FAST thru the legislative process.

I suspect that the legislators have been brainwashed by the animal rights movement who are spending over $500,000 with their paid agents living in Austin again.

Unless our Senators & Reps. hear from us they will unknowingly vote in favor of these bad bills.

They have passed the Senate – now on to the House but will have to come back to the Senate if they pass the house so we have more chances to kill them.



I invite you to tailor this email to your credentials and please send to your Senators & Reps(BE SURE TO MENTION THAT YOU ARE THEIR CONSTITUENT), and any legislators you have good relations with, asking them to oppose these bad bills – add your own personal story if you wish.

If you are associated with AKC, UKC or ADBA, please pass this on to your club members to respond!

We need to blanket the legislature with our side of the story or be governed by the animal rights agenda!


Thanks and let me know if you have questions,

Martin Kralik

214 549-5179

North Texas Director RPOA


My email follows –


Dear Senators Creighton, Hall, & Hughes, (I left out some so if you send please include all – Creighton, Brandon(R); Hall, Bob(R); Hughes, Bryan(R); Kolkhorst, Lois(R); Paxton, Angela (F)(R))

I want to thank you so much for voting AGAINST SB 295 and the animal rights agenda(HSUS – Humane Society of US, ALDF – Animal Legal Defense Fund on the FBI terrorist watch list, and THLN – Texas Humane Legislation Network).

I am a constituent of Senator Nathan Johnson who voted for this bill and I’ve copied him on this email.

Proponents say – HB 940 / SB 295 makes basic, common-sense improvements to the current law, (there is a definite conflict of interest here – what is common sense to these people is completely upside down because of their agenda to eliminate ownership/use of animals for any reason – documentation of this is available if you want)

Their arguments –

  • Establishes a basic definition of shelter to protect dogs from extreme elements – Their ‘basic definition’ involves making every doghouse and crate available today illegal by their standards and their legislation makes no distinction for shelter/protection for different breeds – one size fits all.
  • Eliminates loopholes and allows officers to use their discretion when encountering dogs – ‘loopholes and discretion’ to them takes away our citizen’s right to cure a potential problem at least once before your animal, in most cases is your most prized possession, is seized then to incur ‘reasonable –haha’ boarding charges, attorney fees, court costs, etc.
  • Prevents dogs from being injured by heavy chains – In my previous email (attached) you will see a link to the American Dog Breeders Association – ADBA – website specifying the pound test chain required to restrain these powerful hog hunting dogs. Again the animal rights agenda is – one legislation fits all – they do not make any distinction between different needs for differing breeds of dogs – from a Chihuahua to a powerful hunting dog that can only be restrained by chain! Also see Humane tethering/containment statements from AKC and UKC. What is ‘cruel’ to these people is absolutely not animal cruelty! Texas already has one of the strongest animal cruelty laws in the US! The authorities should just use it!!!


Given these peoples agenda(and their infiltration into animal control), and their ‘interpretation’ of the law(outlawing Canine Good Citizen Training!) their exemptions are a JOKE and they will use every opportunity to impose their agenda.

As an example of their ‘discretion and common sense’


“Fat” mare being taken from owner’s property with no notice and when owner was not there (2006).

The “Fat” Horse Case: Illustrates the Importance of an Appeal.  In 2006, the Houston SPCA was involved in a cruelty seizure of a horse that they alleged was too fat and this became the basis for seizing the mare. The owner was in the courtroom scared and woefully outnumbered with cruelty investigators, veterinarians, police and lawyers. The county provided an attorney and the constable who bothered to get a seizure warrant after the “fat” horse was taken from the pasture where she was kept. All of them testified against the poor owner who was trying desperately to make a point. What the owner was trying to say in court was that his mare, a beautiful registered Quarter Horse, was bred and about to deliver a foal. His feeble protests were ignored and he forever lost his mare with no chance for an appeal, and no opportunity for a jury. And by the way, the whole case was filmed by Animal Planet and there was a camera rolling in the face of the humiliated owner while trying to defend himself against the government Goliath. The judge divested the owner of his “fat” horse with emotionless dispatch.

How to Prevent an Appeal? Make it Too Expensive. The case of the “fat” mare is only one example of how egregious cruelty cases can become if there is not a system of checks and balances. The right to an appeal and a jury is part of what keeps this system honest, but the opponents of an appeal have been back every legislative session since 2009 trying to tack on more and more costs for the appeal bond to make appeals impossible. If you have the right to an appeal but the cost of the bond makes it cost prohibitive, then you don’t have the right to an appeal.


Another of the animal rights proponents bills, HB 250, is an attempt to make the cost of an appeal cost prohibitive.

I am hoping that HB 250 and SB 295/HB 940 will be defeated/killed before the end of this session.


Please let me know if you have questions.


Best regards,

Martin Kralik
President Lone Star Fox Terrier Club
Member North Texas Terrier Club
Legislative Liaison American Fox Terrier Club
Legislative Liaison American Kennel Club
North Texas Director Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA) – AKC FEDERATION CLUB IN TEXAS
Member Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance (SAOVA)
Member US Sportsmen’s Alliance
Member Texas Game Warden’s Association
Native Texan
Animal owner for 70 years

Cell – 214 549-5179



F Y I – The author of HB 940, Sarah Davis, has LIED to the House Criminal Jurisprudence committee in session.

See –


At about the 48 minute mark, you will see

In her closing remarks, Rep. Sarah Davis LIED to the committee

And possibly criminalized George Armstrong(by name), officer of the Austin Kennel club & Bell county Kennel club,

by accusing him and RPOA Of being the worst ‘puppymill’ in the US because we oppose her bill!

She said to Google George Armstrong – I did and did not find what she accused George of –

Not sure what Google she used but the generally accepted one online doesn’t show what

She is accusing him of….


Then Rep. Davis LIED about RPOA being in no way affiliated with AKC –

See the following link PROVING otherwise!

and scroll down to Texas and you WILL SEE that

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance(RPOA) IS THE AKC FEDERATION CLUB for Texas!