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By April 20, 2023Legislation

HB 2238 (Buckley) & SB 876 (Flores) have both passed out of their respective committees.

Either or both of these bills could move anytime quickly thru its chamber!


Please take the following action immediately –

If you don’t know who your Senator & Rep. is please go to –  and enter your address.

Click on your senator & representatives names to get phone #s to call.

And you can email them by sending to (first name)dot(.)(last name)

Followed by and  –

I’ve copied mine Cc on this email for you to see how.


Talking Points

  • The bills will require those that own five intact dogs or cats and sell a single puppy or kitten that they bred, to become a state licensed breeder
  • They will be required to pay a license fee of at least $300
  • It will expose private homes to inspections, and it will require breeders to comply with certain standards that were intended to regulate commercial facilities not attainable in a home environment.
  • Some of the commercial requirements in existing law will be unattainable and/or cost prohibitive for Texas breeders that operate in their private homes
  • The bills drastically expand state law and go significantly beyond federal regulations administered by the USDA
  • We are not a commercial business and should NOT be regulated as such.

How to Help

  • Contact your State Senator and State Representative AS CONSTITUENTS and urge them to oppose SB 876 and HB 2238.  You can find your state lawmakers HERE.
  • Contact Speaker Dade Phelan and respectfully urge him to oppose HB 2238. You can submit comments to the Speaker’s office HERE.
  • Contact Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and respectfully urge him to oppose SB 876 HERE.


Please pass this on to all your contacts to take action!


Martin Kralik