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ACTION ALERT: HB 940 by Sarah Davis, relating to unlawful restraint of a
dog; creating a “criminal offense.” (Emphasis is ours!)

Criminal Jurisprudence Committee is conducting a Public Hearing MONDAY,
March 18th, on HB 940. MONDAY AFTERNOON at 1:30 P.M. in Room E2.012 at the
Capitol. If you can’t be there, at least call and email committee members to

Contact all committee members below and OPPOSE HB 940! (More info in
earlier E-News):
Committee Chair:
Rep. Nicole Collier
Phone: 512-463-0716
E-Mail: nicole.collier@house.texas.gov

Vice-Chair: Rep. Bill Zedler
Phone: 512-463-0374
E-Mail: bill.zedler@house.texas.gov

Rep. Keith Bell
Phone: 512-463-0458
E-Mail: keith.bell@house.texas.gov

Rep. Jessica Gonzalez
Phone: 512-463-0408
E-Mail: Jessica.gonzalez@house.texas.gov

Rep. Todd Hunter
Phone: 512-463-0672
E-Mail: todd.hunter@house.texas.gov

Rep. Phil King
Phone: 512-463-0738
E-Mail: phil.king@house.texas.gov

Rep. Joe Moody
Phone: 512-463-0728
E-Mail: joe.moody@house.texas.gov

Rep. Andrew Murr
Phone: 512-463-0536
E-Mail: Andrew.murr@house.texas.gov

Rep. Leo Pacheco
Phone: 512-463-0714
E-Mail: leo.pacheco@house.texas.gov

Email rpoa@texas.net if you want our RPOA flyer on HB 940. I don’t think
Yahoo ever let the Flyer go through to our E-Mail List.
Mary Beth