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Foundation Stock

Foundation Stock Registration Service

The Foundation Stock Registration Service (FSRS) will satisfy the needs of developing breeds on their way to being recognized as a registered breed with the American Dog Breeders Association Inc.

One of the biggest hurdles in the path to having your new or unrecognized breed become ADBA registered is the creation and maintenance of accurate pedigree and ownership records. The ADBA can now provide this service to breeders and breed clubs on their journey to becoming ADBA registered.

As the American Dog Breeders Association celebrates its ‘One Hundred Years” of service as a registry for purebred dogs,   our expert staff can now offer their experience and integrity in maintaining accurate records of your developing breed and the creation of a verifiable stud book.

The Foundation Stock Registration Service is not applicable for recognized breeds from a recognized registry.  Recognized breeds are eligible for full registration at this time with the American Dog Breeders Association.

Guidelines for registering a developing breed with the Foundation Stock Registration Service:

  • Application can be submitted by a breeder or a breed club
  • Fill out a questionnaire for the developing breed providing the history and goals of breeders within the breed

Once a developing breed has been accepted for the Foundation Stock Registration Service (FSRS) fanciers can begin sending in registration applications for their dogs with the ADBA Foundation Stock Registration Service.  Breed clubs can apply for discounted rates for their members for single dog registrations by contacting the registration department manager Patty Bullock at:

Individual dog registration application should contain as complete a pedigree as possible with verification of the pedigree from the owners of the sire and dam.  Two photos of the dog with  a close up of the head and a side view of the body.

Necessary steps to have a FSRS breed accepted for full ADBA registration:

  • Development of a national breed club that will encourage fanciers and breeder from across the country to get involved
  • Create a breed standard that reflects the history and goals of the breed.  Final approval of the standard is made by the ADBA Board of Directors at the time the breed is approved for full registration status. The breed standard should reflect a breed type that reflects soundness in structure,  temperament and health in the development of the breed.  If varieties exist within the breed, these should be outlined within the standard
  • The national breed club will host an advertised annual show or events with ADBA representatives in attendance that will showcase outstanding dogs from breeders across the country to demonstrate that the breed is breeding true to type as defined in the breed standard..
  • Establishment of an accurate and verifiable stud book with the FSRS of the ADBA. The more individual dogs registered with complete pedigrees owned by individuals living in various parts of the nation the more ADBA will believe in the fanciers commitment to becoming an ADBA recognized breed.

Download: Application for Developing Breed