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Producer Of Excellence (P.O.E.) Title – Updated 8/7/17

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Producer Of Excellence (P.O.E.)

 The Producer Of Excellence title will be awarded to a sire that has accumulated 12 (P.O.E.) points and a dam that has accumulated 8 (P.O.E.) points. P.O.E. points are earned for each titled dog produced (direct offspring only).  In the case that a dog’s offspring has multiple titles Conformation, Weight Pull or Top Dog title, the offspring can earn points in all three categories.

  • 1 point will be earned for a direct offspring with a Champion, Ace or Top Dog title.
  • 2 points will be earned for a direct offspring with a Grand Champion, Ace of Ace or Top Dog I title regardless of degree of the title.

If you think you have a POE Dog please email


Q. Who can apply for the P.O.E. title on a dog?

A. The owner of the dog, or a person owning offspring of the dog in question can apply for the verification of the P.O.E. title. The P.O.E. certificate will only be mailed to the current owner of record with the American Dog Breeders Association.

Q. What is the charge to do this?

A. $5.00 for verification and shipping & handling of the Producer Of Excellence certificate.

Q. My stud dog has produced a G/C II and G/C III. How many P.O.E. points does he get for these two offspring?

A. 2 points for each Grand Champion (G/C) or ACE Of ACE (A/A). The degree of the G/C or A/A does not earn addition P.O.E. points.

Q. My brood bitch is deceased but produced four CHs and one G/C II. Can I get a P.O.E. title on her?

A. All dogs living or deceased producing offspring with conformation or weight pulling titles with the ADBA are eligible for the Producer Of Excellence (P.O.E.) title. Stud dogs must earn twelve (12) P.O.E. points and brood matrons must achieve eight (8) points for this award. With the above mentioned offspring, your brood bitch would have six (6)  P.O.E. points. Four points for the four CH offspring and two points for the one G/C II offspring. When two of her four CH offspring complete their G/C title, she would have the additional two (2) points that she would need for her P.O.E. title.

Q. My stud dog produced a son with a CH and A/A II title. How many P.O.E. points would my stud earn for this son?

A. Your stud dog would get three (3) points for this son. One (1) for the CH and two (2) for the A/A title.

Q. How will the Producer Of Excellence (P.O.E.) title be reflected on ADBA pedigrees?

A. Once the title is recorded in the ADBA office, all further pedigrees will indicate this title with the P.O.E. behind the dogs registered name. An example would be Caldwell’s “G/C Boogieman” P.O.E.

Q. I have a brood bitch that produced some great dogs 20 years ago. Can I apply to have the verification done on her offspring for the P.O.E. award.?

A. Yes – regardless of how long ago, as long as the offspring were titled competing in ADBA sanctioned conformation and weight pulling events, the ADBA will be able to complete the verification.

If you think you have a POE Dog please email