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Recipe for Clubs Success

By May 16, 2016 December 2nd, 2016 Club Information

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Recipe for Clubs Success

  • Choose officers with leadership ability and most of all, a desire to lead a successful club.
  • Officers who reluctantly take the job are rarely successful.
  • Hold interesting meetings where all club members can participate.
  • Invite speakers such as veterinarians and coordinate the talk with a rabies vaccination clinic.
  • Appoint Committees to handle all aspects of the club: Events, Kitchen, Grounds, Publicity & Advertising, Awards, etc.
  • By separating the responsibilities, no one has too much to do, and everyone has something. A proven system that works!
  • Don’t expect the crowds to come unless you do your homework, advertise.
  • Schedule fewer, well-planned events. Most clubs fail because they try to hold too many events.
  • Name your events something special such as Northern Florida Spring Championship or Sanfield Championship.
    By giving a special title and some specially designed awards, your event will be more attractive to prospective competitors. A proven method!
  • Everyone takes his or her turn.
  • Promote the idea that your members are, first and foremost, hosts at your events. When you travel to neighboring clubs events, they are the hosts.
  • There is no substitute for education.
  • Hold rules seminars and club events where all club members are properly trained regarding ADBSI event rules and policies.
  • There is no substitute for good communication.
  • Create a club newsletter and calendar that keeps all members informed as to what is going on with the club. Every member deserves to know.
  • Create an e-mail or phone tree whereby each member contacts one member and on down the line.
  • Use your e-mail/phone tree before meetings, events or when there is a special need to contact everyone in the club.
  • Stress the importance of having a “friendly” club.
  • No one will come back if they do not feel welcome.