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Safe Dog Program

Recognized Safe Dogs

The first Safe Dog Program was held in SLC , UT  by Ian Alldredge  Animal behaviorist/SD tester/trainer .   SDCII  was completed by “Ch”A/AI Arson Wheeler”  owner:  Scotty WheelerGreenwood’s “Ch” Tom Boy” owner:  Hank Greenwood , Devora/Caragan’s “Hitman”   owner : Cheryl Carrigan & Devora Antisdel and Cowboy’s “Ch Like A Diamond owner: Kent Bennion

Lisa / SD tester of NM  held a Safe Dog Program at the Heart of Texas/ Texas Black Gold  show  April 2, 2011.  SDC I was completed by Jackson’s “Akasha”owner Aaron Jackson, Matrix’ “Digital Rain”  owner: Matrix Knl , “Troy Vaughan”owner Billy Vaughan,   Laughter’s “Outlaw Jesse James” owner: Chad Laughter,“Boo Vaughan” owner: Billy Vaughan .

Okey Laster  / SD tester of VA  Held a Safe Dog Program at the Tri State NJ show April 16 & 17,  SDC I  was completed by  J.D.’s “Envious Red Phenom”  owner:Jerelle Douglas, T’s “Patch O Built M2B Invincibl” owner: Therese Weiner.

Joanie Winchester  / SD tester of FL  Held a Safe Dog Program at the Mid-Florida/Sunshine State show Nov 26th,  the SDC I was completed by Hutches’ “Ch” Maverick” Owned By Lisa Hutches, Malott’s “Lucy Loo” Owned By Debra A. Malott, Jackson’s “Medwin Jaeger Von Deuce” Owned By Carla Ann Thomas, Thomas’ “Mak’n You Green With Envy” Owned By Carla Ann Thomas.

Leri Hanson/ SD tester of CA Held a Safe Dog Program at the Golden State and Southern California show November 26th, the SDC I was completed by Wickham’s “Ch” Someday Punch” Owned By Brad Wickham, Brandi’s “Blue Dually” Owned By Brandi Hoffman, Caragan Steel’s “Buck Wild” Owned By Thomas Mallet,Norrod’s “Iron Otis” Owned By Graham Mc Namee, Caragan’s “Ch” Beretta”Owned By Yvonne Chohan

This is a Great program that really helps dog owners to understand basic canine psychology.  Once you understand this, it makes training your dog and establishing the proper leadership for your dog that much easier.  I recommend it for every dog owner.” …..Renee Greenwood