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What is the purpose for Purebred dog registration?

Dog RegistrationAn accurate stud book is essential for dog breeders who carefully plan breeding and are diligent in the selection of quality brood stock. Without dog registration showing a true pedigree behind the stock, there would be no way to predict what type of offspring will be produced for the future. Every registration office throughout time has had to rely on the integrity of the breeders who submit dog registration into the office for the accuracy of the stud book. This is true of equine, bovine, and canine registries alike.

Having an animal “REGISTERED” with an organization is a stamp of approval from that organization that the breeder has fulfilled the requirements in record keeping, transferring ownership’s, etc. and the pedigree can be deemed accurate. If a registration organization is strictly “in it for the money” and has NO requirements and any dog rescued from the pound, stolen or “looks like a Pit Bull” on visual inspection can be registered for a fee, then having a “REGISTERED” dog with that organization means nothing. We want your dogs’ registration with the American Dog Breeders Association to mean something! Make sure your dogs are ADBA Registered!

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