Litter Registration Form
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  • Dam Information
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Before the litter can be registered both Sire and Dam must be ADBA registered, have a registered name on file and have ownership recorded in the current owner’s name.
If Sire, Dam or both are not registered with the ADBA, you must apply for registration with a Single Registration Application. Paperwork (of Sire, Dam or both) must be processed before the litter can be processed. Completed registrations will then be sent to appropriate owner(s). If paperwork is to be sent to a third party, written permission must be given.
Be sure to list all pups. Pups not listed on this form will be considered dead.
Pups over one year of age cannot be registered as a litter. They must be registered on a single registration application.
If Sire or Dam is less than 9 months at time litter is born or over 12yrs at time of breeding, DNA profile of parent and 1 pup is required.

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