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LPP listing is NOT to be viewed as an alternate form of registration. LPP listings are reserved for altered dogs that appear to be purebred, as is reasonably possible and are unable to be registered into the ADBA registry. Dogs accepted for Limited Performance Program MUST be spayed or neutered. LPP listing is to allow dogs that appear to be purebred, as is reasonably possible using visual inspection to enter sanctioned sporting events at ADBSI Sanctioned Shows to achieve points toward titles of excellence. LPP identification card will be sent displaying a photo of the dog with ownership information once the dog is accepted.
LPP application must be accompanied with the following documentation:
Spay/Neuter Documentation
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Photos of your dog
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Front View
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Dog Information
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All application forms and photographs submitted become the property of the ADBA, and will not be returned. Dogs accepted for the Limited Performance Program are to be allowed entry to all sanctioned sporting events held at the discretion of each club at all ADBSI sanctioned shows. (For list of events visit Dogs accepted for the Limited Performance Program MUST be spayed or neutered, ensuring they will not enter a breed’s gene pool. The LPP Card is not transferable. In the event that the dog is sold to a new owner, the LPP Card should be returned to the ADBA and included with a new application for the Limited Performance Program completed by the new owner. The fee for transfer of ownership will be $20.00. This procedure will ensure any LPP points earned will be transferred to the new owner. ADBA reserves the right to revoke a dogs Limited Performance Program (LPP) listing at any time for cause. ADBA reserves the right to change any/all rules, fees, etc. without notice. Please fill out all information on this application. Any incomplete
applications will not be considered for the Limited Performance Program.
By signing this form below I hereby certify: That I have read and understand the policies of the ADBA Limited Performance Program and will adhere to all stipulations and regulations thereof; that the information given here is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge; that the attached photographs are of the dog for which Limited Performance Program listing is being requested and that I am the actual/physical owner of the dog.
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