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Register Dogs In The Foundation Stock Service

Goal: The foundation stock service purpose is to provide verifiable pedigrees, ownerships and transfers of ownership for developing breeds on their way to becoming recognized as a pure breed with full registration privileges.

All dogs applying for registration with the Foundation Stock Service for a developing breed that has been accepted for registration, must apply using the Single Dog Registration Application with photos attached.

Dogs must be no less than four (4) months of age:  This is to enable us to determine breed type of the dogs being registered and how closely they conform to the standard of the developing breed.  For this reason, pups will be accepted for the foundation stock registration based on their own merits, not just because their parents were foundation stock registered. Dogs with a color or color pattern associated with known genetic health defects will not be accepted for registration with the Foundation Stock Service (i.e. the merle color pattern or ablinism). This policy we feel will assist the developing breed to reach full status as a registered breed, as only pups meeting an accepted standard within the breed will be accepted.

Registration of litters using the Litter Registration service will not be accepted until the developing breed has achieved full registration status with the American Dog Breeders Association.

Requirements for achievement of full registration status as a pure breed include all of the following:

  1. Standard for the breed has been submitted and approved by the ADBA Inc.
  2. Verifiable pedigrees for all dogs registered showing a complete four generation pedigree.
  3. Verification that individual dogs within the breed are producing pups that consistently conform to breed type as specified in the standard.  This could be achieved by holding a conformation show with a fair representation of dogs from around the country hosted by the breed club or in conjunction with an ADBA Sanctioned Open Breed club.