Application For Single Dog Registration Or Dual Registration
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Are you applying for Dual Registration?
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To apply for Dual Registration please attach a copy of the other organizations (example UKC, AKC), registration certificate and pedigree. The certificate must show you as the current owner.
Registration Certificate (Only Needed for Dual Registration)
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Your Dog's Pedigree (Only Needed for Dual Registration)
If you have a Single Dog Application form with signatures please upload here
Please upload a copy of your pedigree from other registry
Web Link to Your Dog's Online Pedigree if Available
To complete the registration process, verification will need to be received from the owners of both the sire and the dam. This may process may be completed through email verification if necessary.
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Dog's Pedigree
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If the Sire is ADBA Registered, sire owner must verify this information.
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