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Replace Denver BSL

By September 23, 2020Legislation

Replace Denver BSL is a grassroots organization that was founded two years ago by three women in Denver, CO who came together for a common cause – to Replace Denver BSL.

Denver’s breed specific legislation, which bans all pit bull-type dogs, has been in place for 30 years. Denver’s BSL fails Denver residents by failing to improve public safety, wasting taxpayer dollars, and rejecting evidence-based solutions.

Replace Denver BSL worked closely with Denver City Councilman Christopher Herndon to create a new ordinance that would improve the safety of Denver residents while allowing pit bulls to reside within city limits.  We took this ordinance to a vote and Denver Council passed it with 7 to 4!  But, just four days later, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the bill.  We had one more chance and took our ordinance to another vote where we would need at least 9 votes to override the mayor’s veto.  We came up one vote short.

Though we were sad and discouraged, we knew we couldn’t stop there!  We are raising money for research and education so we can fight another day! Please join us in this fight. We can not do it without you.

We may have started this organization with three women, but we are now a whole community working together to change this law.

Donations Needed!