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Responsible Ownership

ADBA Guidelines for Responsible Dog Ownership

The ADBA believes that strong enforcement of leash laws, as well as clear guidelines of identifying and managing dangerous dogs, will promote responsible dog ownership and prevent tragedies from occurring. Simply placing restrictions on certain breeds will not improve public safety – it will only punish responsible dog owners. We strongly support sound, enforceable, non-discriminatory legislation to govern dog ownership, and we appreciate legislators’ desire to keep communities safe for both people and dogs. However, Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) will not address the root cause of  dangerous dogs – Irresponsible Ownership!

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Arkansas – RED ALERT – ALL must register to advertise dog for sale!!

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  http://www.akc.org/government-relations/legislative-alerts/arkansas-hearing-march-3-regulate-dog-sales/ March 2, 2017 A bill was just scheduled for a hearing tomorrow (Friday, March 3) in Arkansas that would require registration of anyone who sells or offers a dog for sale in the state and advertises through “public media” (any way that does…

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